twoface chair

It seems like there are two types of chairs: those that are nice to look at, and those that are comfy to sit in. The Twoface Chair from designer Christoph Massak, however, is both.

flexible chair

The fabric mesh material that makes up the seat is soft and springy. When no one is sitting in the chair, it looks a bit like a modern art sculpture: all metal tubing and dark fabric.

mesh flexing chair

christoph massak twoface chair

But when someone comes along and is brave enough to lower themselves into the seat, it holds them comfortably. It may look like a work of art, but it behaves like a well-designed piece of furniture.

stretching twoface chair

hammock-like chair

The intriguing visual element of the chair is an important part of its design. The effect created by dual layers of stretchy mesh material make it ultimately touchable, and – we’re speculating, but we’re probably right – incredibly comfortable to sink into.