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Do you ever drive by a scenic overlook and imagine what those colors would look like in a room, or see a building and wish your house could be painted with the same palette, or perhaps pass by some fellow pedestrian walking on the street and imagine their clothing shades recombined and applied to your own attire? If so, you may be a designer – and you might want to take a closer look at this website.

street fashion style

WearPalettes takes an unusually logical look at street fashions and pedestrian styles, abstracting the colors worn into simple palettes and organizing the results by color. As any design fan or professional knows from experience, it is one thing to develop a theoretical palette on paper or the computer and quite another to envision it working in real life on a surface, fabric and/or individual person.

street fashion celebrity style

This site solves the real-world palette problem by working backward from existing everyday palettes that work to divine colors that can be used in other contexts. Though some shots capture passers-by and many of the fashion models featured are unknown, some of these photographs provide a new look at the clothing colors selected by (or for) celebrities and divide these famous outfits likewise into manageable color schemes