There is something intrinsically fascinating about seeing natural phenomena at candid slow-motion moments we are unable to ordinarily capture in time. Playing on the simple act of a drop falling into a pool of liquid, this elegant drop light design by DBProjektBestaltung conveys a complex and fluid occurrence in solid form.
From each angle, the reflectivity of the curved surface shifts and changes to create a unique and dynamic visual experience for any observer. This kind of design is destined to never fade into the background – it could just as well be part of a fixture design series or the centerpiece over a dining room table.

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Perhaps the most compelling angle of view is the simple ribbed profile, a perspective from which one might initially think this was a well-crafted and organically shaped lighting fixture. The power-carrying wire wraps around the structural support wire tied to the lighting drop below and provides a curved vertical counterpoint to the visual effect of the horizontal shade above.