Solid stone under the moonlight house exterior

If winter is coming, this hybrid load-bearing + frame-and-cladding house may be the most brilliant way to weather those long cold nights. Likewise in summer, a combination of shade and openness provides the right balance of protection from and exposure to nature. Dubbed Under the Moonlight by its designer Giovanni D’Ambrosio, this Australian home blends solid stone with blackened steel that combine to tie it into the landscape and capture incredible views at the same time.

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Solid stone under the moonlight house rear
Solid stone under the moonlight house
Solid stone under the moonlight house living room

Masonry elements directly connect inside and out, rising up from the ground but cantilevering into the primary first-floor living space as well. Thin windows likewise run right from the intersection of structure and earth, breaking down the distinction between interior and exterior.

Solid stone under the moonlight house bedroom
Solid stone under the moonlight house bathroom

Ground-floor grandeur gives way, ultimately, to surprisingly cozy upstairs rooms including master bed and bath, lofted, tucked inside and sheltered by branch-like structural supports.

More from the designer

“The Project tries to integrate itself in the site through use of materials that have been used before and that are part of local historical background. House’s shape resembles typological archetypes used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area. Stone, wood and metal are materials used for both structure and construction of the Project. The House have been designed in order to comfort seasonal stay, both during summer and winter, of inhabitants and to let them appreciate as much as possible natural environment surrounding them.”

Solid stone under the moonlight house luxury australia

“This has been done through placement of many glazed frames that grant wider external views. This is the idea I [Designer] wanted to base the project upon: treat interior and external spaces as if they were the same [thing]. Furthermore I propose above mentioned house also like comfortable summer house and not only like winter one.”

“Project is divided in two levels. At the ground level everyday life takes place and it is possible to see the garden from a glazed frame that opens onto a deck. In ‘Under the Moonlight’ House there are two bedrooms, on the second floor, a master bedroom with bathroom and spa.”

Solid stone under the moonlight house facade

“The House has a sheltered (from snow and rain during winter season) Parking. ‘Under the Moonlight’ House has been designed with care in order to prevent damage to local vegetation and trees. Roof is made out of insulated metal and accomplishes with functionality of any climate. Its brownish colour matches well chromatic shades of Natural Reserve.”