Stretchable silicone designed to be child-safe, this fun DIY fort making kit encourages children to assemble anything from small fantasy structures to full-sized play spaces out of natural materials in their environments.

Designed and created by Christina Kazakia, Stick-lets are a simple but powerful and versatile toy made to stimulate the imagination.

The colorful Fort Kit contains various sizes and shapes made for joining two or more sticks or branches. Strong, durable and weatherproof, they can be left outside as part of temporary construction projects.

And, of course, the connectors can be saved and the wood is naturally recyclable, reducing environmental impact and encouraging outdoor play. They can also be attached to bamboo branches, fences or other found objects.

“STICK-LETS® were invented by industrial designer and mama of two, Christina Kazakia, while studying at Rhode Island School of Design. Her passion for play-based learning and nature empowered her to create tools to help reconnect children with the great outdoors. Her fondest memories took place immersed in Mother Nature –– building forts, exploring the forest and nurturing her imagination. She hopes today’s children will reflect on similar experiences later in life. The business launched in 2012 and the studio is based out of Philadelphia, PA.”

“One by one my friends and I went around the dinner table sharing our favorite childhood memories. It quickly became apparent that they all took place in the great outdoors. This realization made me wonder if children today will have similar stories to share when they are adults. Will today’s youthful experiences become memories that illicit a yearning for days of unstructured activity, unsupervised play, and risk-taking- much like ours did? Will these memories incite a need to preserve our natural resources if today’s children are not provided the same opportunity to love and appreciate nature? These are my concerns and the driving force behind STICK-LETS®. “