Stick Insects DIY furniture kit

Have you ever fancied yourself a furniture designer, but lack the skills required to actually make anything? Many of us have found ourselves wishing we could custom-create the perfect item of DIY furniture or lamp for a particular task that fits perfectly into a certain space or is just the right size and height.

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Stick Insects DIY furniture kit hinge

Polish designer Jan Godlewski offers a solution in the form of ‘Stick Insects,’ a set of modular elements that can be used to construct furniture of all sorts. Flat surfaces, sticks and metal connectors fit together in virtually endless ways.

Stick Insects DIY furniture kit parts

The ash wood slats are refreshingly simple and clean-lined, available in various lengths to make anything from a small table that can sidle up to a couch to a towering bookshelf. The three examples produced by the designer are just the beginning of the possibilities.

Stick Insects DIY furniture kit results
Stick Insects DIY furniture kit joints

Godlewski is also known for ‘Ply,’ a similar concept that eliminates connectors altogether. Inspired by aircraft plywood construction from the World War I era, this set is simple and humble, yet durable.

More from the designer

“Stick insects are sets of elements that can be used for construction of furniture, appliances, installations. They offer the possibility to create an infinite number of structures thanks to their simple and universal design. Three pieces of furniture – table, bookshelf, lamp – are an example of the potential of the project.”

“The project has been inspired by personal experience of the designer. It is a search for the most universal module that can be useful in as many situations as possible. The project makes use of ash wood (25 mm x 25 mm slats) which is hard enough to resist crushing and has very good design properties. Fastening elements are made of duralumin PA6 that can be easily shaped (additionally anodized to protect against oxidization).”