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Have you ever fancied yourself a furniture designer, but lack the skills required to actually make anything? Many of us have found ourselves wishing we could custom-create the perfect item of furniture or lamp for a particular task that fits perfectly into a certain space or is just the right size and height.

Stick Insects Furniture 2

Polish designer Jan Godlewski offers a solution in the form of ‘Stick Insects,’ a set of modular elements that can be used to construct furniture of all sorts. Flat surfaces, sticks and metal connectors fit together in virtually endless ways.

Stick Insects Furniture 3

The ash wood slats are refreshingly simple and clean-lined, available in various lengths to make anything from a small table that can sidle up to a couch to a towering bookshelf. The three examples produced by the designer are just the beginning of the possibilities.

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Godlewski is also known for ‘Ply,’ a similar concept that eliminates connectors altogether. Inspired by aircraft plywood construction from the World War I era, this set is simple and humble, yet durable.