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One big draw for families moving from the cities to the suburbs is the lure of lawns, trees and picnic tables just steps outside the front door. But for those who aren’t big on suburban sprawl, or who still want easy access to everything an urban center has to offer, there might just be an alternative. Terraced apartment buildings like this one by Bjarke Ingels Group pack lots of residential units into a small footprint without sacrificing outdoor space.

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79 & Park is a 140-unit complex planned for the Swedish capital of Stockholm, located adjacent to the Royal National City Park. The building resembles a bunch of irregularly stacked cubes around a central void, with commercial spaces open to the public located on the ground floor.

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Not only does this layout provide each and every unit with views of the nearby national park, it encourages natural ventilation, daylight, and social interaction between residents. While the ground floor is abuzz with activity, making the complex feel like a lively part of the city, the serene rooftop spaces offer semi-private places to relax.

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These stepped terraces are planted with grass, trees and other greenery, interspersed with decks. Some are sectioned off with ivy-covered privacy fences. The northeast corner units that would typically be cut off from park views are brought skyward to ensure that each apartment gets its fair share of scenic beauty.  With its glass and cedar facade, the entire complex has a natural yet modern feel.

“Living here is to experience contemporary architecture at its most expressive. A building that is very much one of a kind with unique solutions and touches that challenge the very concept of modern big city dwellings. The building has a twisted torso and follows the lie of the land which ensures the majority of residences have views and their own balconies.”

“The view from 79&Park is classic for Stockholm: Modern and functional Ladugårdsgärdet, the green of Djurgården and the turn of the century architecture of Östermalm. In the opposite direction, from apartments higher up, the Värtan straits and Lidingö in the distance. The architectonic whole forms a beautiful balance whose highest point comprises a landmark to the north. To the east and west, the heights connect to adjacent buildings while facing south 79&Park opens up towards Nationalstadspark.”