Steampunk Treehouse Burning Man Sean Orlando artist

If you thought the Burning Man Festival was just a gathering, guess again: it is an entire city of 25,000 people that emerges each year on top of the flat surface of the Black Rock Desert in rural Nevada. Its architectural projects – like this marvelous steampunk metal treehouse – are perhaps the most compelling part of the experience.

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Steampunk treehouse top

The structure was built by Sean Orlando and a crew of friends and volunteers, constructed of “recycled wood, clockwork components and steel” and its aesthetic was “styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne.”

Steampunk treehouse Burning Man from underneath

By leaving the metal framework uncovered in the upper branches of the fake tree structure, visitors are able to get a glimpse of how it was put together – of course, this choice also reinforces the unique Steampunk look of this temporary lofted desert home.

Steampunk treehouse Burning Man inside

“The Steampunk Tree House is representative of a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature: humans living in harmony with the planet and its natural elements. The House component itself is built of recycled wood, styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne, wedded with the organic elements of nature.”

Steampunk Treehouse new setting

About Sean Orlando

“Sean is the Principle Artist behind Engineered Artworks and co-founder of the Oakland based Five Ton Crane Arts Group. He is a founding member of Kinetic Steam Works and the Lead Artist/ Artistic Director of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, a site-specific group sculpture project created in collaboration in David Shulman and Nathaniel Taylor with over 60 Bay Area artists and volunteers. His latest large-scale project is The Nautilus submarine art car.”

Intrigued by the sound of that? The Nautilus is pretty amazing. Check it out:

The Nautilus (2011) is an artistic experiment and collaborative creation of Christopher Bently, Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Group. With exquisitely detailed interior and exterior features, The Nautilus is an immersive and interactive sculptural interpretation of the Nautilus submarine from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”