Sean Woosley Lamps

Process and product are aligned with aesthetics in this series of playful home furnishings. They are not just made to look old but actually crafted from vintage parts of old fixtures, furniture scraps and other found objects.

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Sean Woosley Handcrafted Lighting

Galvanized pipe, reclaimed wood, salvaged steel, tin cans, rusted pots and an antique cords are the most obvious pieces of Sean Woolsey‘s lamps, for instance.

Sean Woosley Desk Lamp

On a smaller scale, though, hemp wire, in-line switches, weathered fasteners and careworn hinges bring a sense of authenticity to even the more minute material details. 

Woolsey copper art
Sean woosley Joris Chair

Beyond furnishings and fixtures, he creates wall-hanging works of rustic-looking art and heavy-duty, recycled-material tables, benches and other furniture as well. His copper series is especially striking, and his furniture features elevated proportions and high end materials that never feel too fine to actually use in real life.

Some might still call it kitsch or imitation, until they see the craftsman in action – from his faded leather work apron and thick-rimmed glasses to the tools and toolboxes he uses, Sean truly practices what he preaches (or lives what and where he works, as it were).

“Our focus at Sean Woolsey Studio is handmade furniture, incorporating natural materials and letting their natural beauty show. Our pieces are purposely designed to last generations, in contrast to a “throw-away” mass market approach. The core of what we do is informed by the beauty, structure, and simplicity in nature. “

Sean Woosley with Table

“Growing up Woolsey was influenced by his father who was a stained glass artist and photographer. From a young age he had a hands-on approach and could often be found building skate ramps with friends, and later deconstructing furniture and seeing how it was built and what he would do differently. That snowballed into the business after several years of tinkering with his head down. “

“The team at Sean Woolsey Studio is a tightly knit group of a talented craftsman. We also work with highly skilled upholsterers, woodworkers, and welders all within 50 miles of our studio in sunny Costa Mesa, CA. We keep the group of collaborators and team members small and local to assure synergy and that product standards remain high. We hope to impart to you our shared and profound appreciation of nature and natural materials embodied in our work.”