If your idea of getting away from it all includes trekking into nature, you’ll probably need a way to heat water and cook food while you’re there. After all, the allure of sustaining yourself on protein bars alone fades pretty quickly, especially after an intensive activity that leaves you craving a hot meal.

Companies have been developing remote cooking products for years now, each with slightly better functionality, versatility, and weight than the one before it. The Stealth Angel Ultralight Portable Outdoor Stove is the latest addition to this lineage, but it takes a much larger leap forward.

Above all, the Stealth Angel is compact, folding into a pocket-size package for ultra-easy carrying. It even clips onto the outside of your backpack to avoid taking up any precious interior storage space. When you stop for lunch on the trail or arrive at your evening campsite, simply screw the threaded bottom portion of the stove to the gas canister of your choosing. Then just trigger the internal ignition, and presto! You’re all set to start preparing the perfect bush meal. You can use the stove’s protruding adjuster to regulate the fuel output and achieve different temperatures for simmering, sautéing, and boiling.

Don’t mistake the compact size for limited food prep, though. As a matter of fact, the Stealth Angel can bring a full pot of water to a boil in less than four minutes — likely faster than even your conventional stove at home.

Surrounding the center flame, four metal supports rotate into position to create a non-slip platform for the pot and pan included in the Stealth Angel kit. The smaller pan measures 2.4 inches high and just over four and a half inches in diameter, ideal for use as a skillet or for boiling small amounts of water. The larger cooking pot measures 4.17 inches high by 4.88 inches wide, making it the better choice for whipping up soup, pasta, and a number of other foods. To top it all off, both cooking vessels offer non-stick surfaces for quick and easy cleanup.

The durable handles on the cookware are coated with rubber to protect against burns when the metal heats up. To make the kit’s design as compact as possible, these handles have also been made foldable, tucking neatly into the sides when not being used. When the handles are folded up, the pan fits snugly into the top of the pot, with enough extra room inside to fit the entire stove — or maybe even a pack of instant potatoes or dehydrated beans.

The entire kit slides into a mesh bag with a draw-close top for maximum portability. This bag can also be used to dry your dishes after you wash them. Just put the wet ones inside and let the air to do the rest as you continue your adventure into nature.