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Looking for some new headquarters for your Devious Machinations, Inc. empire? What better setting could there be than a cold rock face in an undisclosed location somewhere in the wilds of Russia? The bare minimalism of all that pale grey stone against the black water is the perfect complement to a series of concrete and rusting steel structures that already look like remnants of Soviet bunkers, despite being constructed fairly recently. These digs are probably not quite luxurious enough for a Bond billionaire, but the whole scene has a cinematic darkness to it, especially once you see the interiors.

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PS1 House was built into an alpine outcropping by Kiev-based architecture practice Igor Sirotov, a firm whose Scandinavian-influenced work is characteristically moody, minimalist, modern and a bit severe with all of its rectilinear concrete surfaces and monochromatic palettes. Viewing the home from the water, you see only a few small structures dotting the smooth stone surfaces, connected by steeply angled staircases. The stairs lead down to a dock, or up to a platform on the ridge where you can lounge or swim up to the edge of an infinity pool overlooking the somber lake.

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The architects have provided very little information on the project, further shrouding it in mystery. Each individual volume appears to offer a different function, with the common living spaces in the largest structure toward the edge of the cliff. This double-height volume houses a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a concrete fireplace and plenty of cushioned white surfaces upon which to recline with your guests while you dictate orders to an assistant standing in the corner. Stairs lead from the living room to a lofted sleeping area, simultaneously offering access to a large collection of wine.

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The middle volume appears to be an outdoor kitchen and open terrace, where another fireplace offers warmth and a glow of green lights seem to indicate a control panel of some sort, probably to launch weapons hundreds of miles away, or summon servants. Closest to the water, there’s a private bunk with additional sleeping quarters. Considering that there’s another structure of some sort set back on the ridge behind the stairs offering access to PS1, it’s likely that this collection of huts is an extension to an existing home, possibly designed to accommodate guests. You’d certainly get a workout moving from one hut to the next every day, as some of the staircases are quite long.

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Igor Sirotov is no stranger to the Bond villain aesthetic, if you take a look at their previous projects (some of which are pictured above). Often rendered or photographed at twilight, the designs all have an air of mystery, but often in harmony with their natural settings, putting views of the scenery at the top of the priority list. Bathtubs peer out onto the ocean through slanted glass doors, luxury cars mingle with high end furniture like decor and reflecting pools multiply glimpses of sky. Each home feels like the setting for a story, like you’re just waiting for the characters to walk in and the action to begin.