The first impression given by designer Alessandro Isola‘s Orbit Sink is that of a neat, simple cylinder. Its four Corian segments are tidily stacked with a minimal chrome towel bar/soap tray just below the first.



Inspect the gorgeous sink more closely and you will find that each of the three lower segments swivels out to reveal cleverly hidden storage compartments. The storage areas are more than roomy enough to fit all of your essential toiletries.



Each compartment swivels around a central support that also houses┬áthe sink’s drainage system. Thanks to this unique composition, the Orbit sink can be placed away from a wall – provided there is a water source above or to the side.



Depending on your mood and design taste, you can display the sink with its layers swiveled out at different positions or with everything neatly lined up. Any way you show it off, the Orbit Sink is a breathtaking focal point for the bathroom.