1 High-end Netherlands retailer De Bijenkorf partnered with Netherlands national museum Rijksmuseum to create an artist-in-residence program in an Amsterdam De Bijenkorf department store. Calling on i29 Interior Architects to help with the transformation of a small space on the building’s roof. 2 3 4 Appropriately called “Room on the Roof,” the studio space is a series of wooden volumes stacked atop one another, making for a sort of “Alice in Wonderland” type of cabinet in which artists can live and work temporarily. 5 6 7 Wooden ladders connect each level of the cabinet, taking visitors up from the entry to the work/storage area and then up to a small bed in a cozy wooden cubbyhole. 8 9 10

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The cabinets don’t make up the entire residence, however. The room extends into a slightly larger living space where the walls and furnishings are all a clean, soft white. A metal spiral staircase leads from the artists’ residence up to the cupola at the very top of the building’s tower.