What’s the easiest way to upholster a rectangular piece of furniture? Wrapping it the same way you would a package, resulting in a clean geometric shape. The ‘Soft Parcel’ furniture series by TAF Arkitekter is incredibly simple, covering blocks of foam with high-quality fabric in shades of white and kraft-paper-brown. The units can be stacked as desired to create benches, couches, ottomans and tables.

If having unwrapped gifts in your living room creates a sense of excitement, Soft Parcel will make it feel like a holiday year-round. Of course, they also offer a playful twist on the aesthetics of a shipping facility storeroom.  In order to use two of the volumes as a chair, they are placed on a trolley.

“The fabric looks like paper and the product becomes a gift,” explain architects Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, who created the design for Rossana Orlandi gallery in Milan. “Sometimes the shape of a present becomes more important than the actual content. In this case the inside would be whatever you wish it to be.”