tetris storage system

The Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 served as the debut for Swedish design firm Front‘s modular storage system. They call the line of storage blocks Tetris, after the classic block-stacking video game.

tetris modular customizable storage

The storage system was designed for retailer Horreds. Just like the game, the blocks in the Tetris system come in different shapes, sizes, and depths. They can be turned and arranged in a variety of ways.

customizable modular storage system

A selection of legs, handles, doors, and colors lets you customize the appearance of each piece. You can build an eclectic storage center with many different colors and textures, or you can create a sophisticated storage unit with matching colors and sleek glass doors.

modular tetris storage system

Tetris pieces come in cubes and rectangles, and they can be stacked freestyle on the floor or attached to a wall. The designers point out that the pieces can be used to construct a very professional storage unit for an office or an eclectic piece of furniture for the home.