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Anyone who has played with a 3D modeling or rendering program – from SketchUp to Photoshop – knows that there are ways you shape objects using the tools provided, but there are always ways in which the tools shape you back … for better or worse.

These curious black and white chair concepts by Frederik Roije have a strongly experimental feel (likely a sharp, angular and pointed one if they were to be built). Ready-made rectangles make for easy-to-use digital tools with which one can get carried readily away, layering and intersecting at will without necessarily showing any regard for the real-life construction process required to make such obtuse objects.

Still, through some of these formal explorations, there are things that work and others that do not – and chance discoveries can become happy non-linear accidents. The higher seat backs and side table or tray space in this later model begin to look both comfortable and functional.

Whether any child would willingly sit upon a ‘rocking square’ is another question, however – or whether a parent in their right mind would let them.