straw chopsticks for soup or noodles
Eating noodle soup or ramen noodles should be a pleasant experience, not a frustrating one. But trying to get the solids into your mouth and drinking the remaining broth always seems to be a messy endeavor. Designer Julian Lechner came up with a brilliant solution.
soup eating and drinking chopsticks
Soup Sticks are just like regular chopsticks, but with one big difference: they are hollow like drinking straws. Four small holes at the bottom allow liquid to pass through without sucking up any of the solids in your bowl.
hollow chopsticks for soup and noodles

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The simple product redesign allows you to eat solids and liquids with the same implement. Yes, spoons or forks can be used for the same purpose, but chopsticks are just more fun to use and allow for a greater measure of control. The Soup Sticks aren’t in production yet – they are currently just a bright idea from a talented designer.