splitgrain wood lamp

Few man-made objects can compare to the intense beauty of nature, but at times humans can enhance nature’s loveliness. Paul Foeckler of Split Grain takes gorgeous pieces of California cypress trees and turns them into lamps and lights.

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“My light sculptures recently inspired the Marvel Studio’s release Black Panther in its ‘Jabari Throne Room’ scenes! And Black Panther’s set design won an Oscar this year!!”

splitgrain lamp in room

“This illuminated sculpture reveals the elemental form and grain in a piece of reclaimed California Incense Cedar. Fascinating details and hidden beauty are revealed from light emitting from the center of the sculpture, flowing out from each individual slice suspended on a thin aluminum armature. The warm light traces the contours of the wood capturing beautiful patterns from all angles.”

splitgrain wood sculpture lamp
Splitgrain table lamp

The fusion of nature and technology seems to enhance both. The intricate lines, knots, indentations and markings on the tree slices are illuminated ethereally by the light inside, almost as if some sort of life form had made a comfortable home in the tree.

“This is a large table top sculpture that is broad in shape with a large area of closely spaced slices allowing the light to capture its rugged patterns and knots around the entire section of reclaimed wood. It is made from a large limb showing the concentric growth rings at the top of the piece in a beautiful contrast of darker wood emanating from the center. Within the sculpture are 2 independent LEDs that illuminate its large circumference. It features a significant crack down one of its sides that allows light to escape further exposing the feature. It includes an integrated in-line dimmer allowing it to become quite dim at night with a beautiful ghostly glow. Finished with a black fabric cord and 2 prong plug every attention to detail is made to complete this piece of illuminated art. “

cypress wood sculptures

The lamps are half sculpture and half furnishing, but Split Grain also creates pieces that are nothing but sculpture. The sculptures also use slices of California cypress trees supported by steel. He does not change the wood much; rather, he simply slices them and arranges those slices, leaving some of their natural form while transforming them into lovely modern minimalist sculptures.