SPIRITUS is a collection of technologically-advanced activewear that stays dry, reduces muscle soreness, boosts energy levels, and counteracts unpleasant body odors so you can stay fresh even after the most strenuous of workouts. Designed specifically with young professionals in mind, the range’s revolutionary “PROFORMANCE” fabric allows active people to seamlessly transition from gym to office environments while feeling motivated, empowered, and still professionally groomed for a successful day’s work.
The company strongly believes that your workout gear should be working out with you, or putting in as much effort and hard work as you are. It developed SPIRITUS to provide a level of comfort and confidence that would allow anyone to keep moving with peace of mind, regardless of their body type or physical ability.

How Does it Work?

The collection’s PROFORMANCE fabric has been lined with thermo-reactive minerals, which fuse infrared and silver technologies by recycling and converting body heat into infrared energy and returning it to the user’s muscles. This promotes blood circulation, energy recovery, and cell regeneration after a long workout, as infrared light has been scientifically proven to increase tissue oxygen levels, improve cell vitality, and help regulate body temperature.
The trademarked, innovative material rids itself of moisture and dries up to 35 percent faster than traditional sportswear, while its pure silver fiber eradicates odors and keeps it fresh and clean. SPIRITUS also boasts a UV Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 35, meaning you’ll never get that burning sensation when you’re out jogging in the sun, and your optimized body temperature will allow you to deliver your very best athletic performance every time you exercise. As if all of that weren’t enough, SPIRITUS is also trendy and comfortable, so you can wear it under your work clothes or as part of an urban ensemble, eliminating those panicked rushes in the gym’s changing rooms once and for all!

Who Came Up With the Concept for SPIRITUS?

After two years of grafting, devising, designing, and producing, two American fabric tech companies, a team of textile experts, and a textile manufacturer brought the culmination of their efforts to life: namely, the PROMFORMANCE sportswear collection, which consists only of premium, sleek, and simplistic all-black clothing to keep the focus on function.
The company XT2 provided the silver fiber for the activewear, while Celliant provided the infrared technology. SPIRITUS co-founder Kevin Dinh claims that the clothing has been designed to suit every body type while supporting their movements when they’re performing physical activities — the perfect combination for more self-conscious exercise enthusiasts. The result of all this collaboration is a fashion that functions by effectively utilizing technologies that are more commonly known for their use in medical fields!
Every design in the collection was conceptualized and developed in Australia, while the fibers were created in America and then manufactured in Asia.

How Can I Get Involved?

The company has recently announced that their products are now available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so head over to their page to see what inspiring ideas you can become a part of!