organizing objects by color
Our homes are cacophonies of color inside if not out, whatever our picture-perfect idea of organized interiors with crisp, mess-free architectural lines and complimentary shades may be. If you cannot beat it, join it – like this artist who organized her entire set of worldly belongings by color and shades, from rich blue, red, orange, yellow and pink to bright white, dull gray and dark black.
organized room by color
Once sorted into similar tones, the patterns of color that emerge are amazing. Images of the resulting scenes seem less like photographs and more like paintings – we are simply not used to seeing that density of objects in the same part of the spectrum all in one place.
organized by color shade
Of course, to keep the results as clean and complimentary as possible, it was necessary for artist Helga Steppan to also create a collection of everything that simply did not fit into a single color family or another. This collage of unlike colors is nonetheless a compelling epilogue to the deep hues of the single-color scenes.
organized interior by color
Finally, there is the gray-scale range – the whites look spray-painted, the grays look like the result of a poorly-shot photograph and the blacks bring out amazing contrasts from the few exceptions to their darkness in the image. So what does it all mean? Maybe it is just a beautiful way to compose images, but perhaps this kind of organization is another way to look at what we own and see these material belongings in a new (and colorful) light.