Basso Floor Mat laying down

Not everyone is built for this kind of sleeping, but perhaps the warriors of ancient Sparta would have appreciated the minimalist trimmings such a thin floor mat has to offer – though it is a bit harder to picture them sitting at the miniature work station it turns into.

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Basso Floor Mat. in use

This design by Arvin Abadilla seeks to transform our idea of what a floor can be. In many cases, we use floors without even thinking about it – when we sit down and lean against a sofa with a cushion behind our back, or lay down with a pillow propped under our elbows to read a book.

Basso Floor Mat

It is flattest form, this furniture object stretches out to a become sleep-worthy surface – at least for those who can stomach the lack of padding. A few flips later and it becomes something you can sit up in with a work surface in front of you – a kind of all-in-one desk. At the very least, this design boasts convertibility as well as a compact form for easy storage and potential guest sleeping pad.

Basso Floor Mat converted

“The floor is used for a variety of reasons. Work accessibility, freedom of movement, and the ability o spread out are among some of the advantages. However, things like posture and support are rarely addressed when working on a floor type setting. People enjoy their space. The floor offers ample room for larger scale tasks, or simply to spread out and relax. Since bending over to use the floor can promote bad posture, Basso elevates that surface, while the surrounding ground can still be used.”

“Injection mold structural supports maintain rigidity while keeping weight low. HDPE is recyclable, crack resistant, lightweight, impact resistant, and food safe! Aluminum has a good weight-to-strength ratio and is recyclable. It also has excellent workability and is corrosion resistant. The heavy duty pop pins are commonly used in exercise equipment. They are very robust and can withstand large amounts of lateral force and torque.”

“Bassos versatility allows it to be used for different purposes. Lightweight and storability were important features for multi-room usage.”