transformer desk bed design

Not everyone is built for this kind of sleeping, but perhaps the warriors of ancient Sparta would have appreciated the minimalist trimmings such a thin floor mat has to offer – though it is a bit harder to picture them sitting at the miniature work station it turns into.

transforming desk bed

This design by Arvin Abadilla seeks to transform our idea of what a floor can be. In many cases, we use floors without even thinking about it – when we sit down and lean against a sofa with a cushion behind our back, or lay down with a pillow propped under our elbows to read a book.

transforming bed desk

It is flattest form, this furniture object stretches out to a become sleep-worthy surface – at least for those who can stomach the lack of padding. A few flips later and it becomes something you can sit up in with a work surface in front of you – a kind of all-in-one desk. At the very least, this design boasts convertibility as well as a compact form for easy storage and potential guest sleeping pad.