Simply dubbed the ‘Sacrificial Chair’ by Punga & Smith, the title is at once apt and misleading: the legs are there and the back is framed, but something seems to be missing … at the same time, though, it is the perfect spare, bare-bones ‘chair’ to ‘sacrifice’ as a clothes rack instead of using a real one (chair or coat rack, that is).

Sure, it has everything one expects from the structure of a chair … except there is no seat (let alone, say, a cushion to comfort your fall straight through it when you try to sit). Though perhaps a bit tongue-and-check, there is method to the madness.

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After all, how many times have you tossed your coat, scarf or other clothing item onto the back or seat of your chair, only to have it become the beginning of a pile – or grow uncomfortable when you sat down or leaned against it? This spare chair solves both your on-the-go quick-storage problem and keeps your real seat free of clutter at the same time – you could even fill one up, buy some more, and stack them as needed … but it might be a bit much.