The best type of home is one that both fits in with its surroundings and reflects the personalities and tastes of the occupants. This complete overhaul of a Spanish farmhouse’s interior is a perfect example of this delicate balance from Barcelona-based architects 2600mm.
The exterior of the home was left in its original state, clad in a rough, earthy local stone. The building itself was quite old and the architects were asked to refurbish it; while they were working on the new design the interior partially collapsed, necessitating an entirely new interior. The building’s partial collapse turned out to be a positive in the end, because the architects created a simply beautiful interior that contrasts perfectly with the rough-hewn exterior.

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In its previous life, the home housed animals on the ground level and humans on the two upper floors. This was obvious in its dark and impractical layout. When rebuilding the interior, the architects were careful to use materials appropriate to the area and to the home itself. They left the existing stone and added light colored cross-laminated timber to create an entirely new living space.
Upon stepping into the home, the most striking feature is a three-story atrium exposing all three levels of wooden staircases. This space is beautifully light and open. It visually connects all areas of the home to the entryway, creating an inviting feeling and a lovely functional focal point.
The first floor is an open floor plan containing the living area, kitchen, and dining room. A bright white fireplace visually unites the open space; its black flue slithers all the way up the stone wall to exit through the timber-clad ceiling. The upper stories contain the bedrooms and other private rooms, all of which are accessed via wooden walkways that overlook the atrium and receive natural light from windows and skylights.