Space saving desk

The ultimate in visual and structural simplicity, the form of this sleek space-saving desk and shelf combo unit by MisoSoup is composed of a single strip of curved wood that wraps up to become as much a work of minimalist wall art as it is a multifunctional work station with useful storage lofted above. The ribbon-like design winding its way up the wall takes up very little space, both physically and visually, so it’s great for people who are looking to reduce clutter in small rooms.

Desk shelf combo

Like a shelving units or other storage systems, this combined furniture is designed to sit flush against the surface of the wall making it fit well wherever it works within a bedroom, living room or office layout. However, getting such a long and awkwardly shaped wood structure into a small space in the first place might be a difficult trick (perhaps the next move is to make it convert or come apart in a few places.

Minimalist desk design

Otherwise perfect for small apartments and cramped condo spaces, very little interior room is taken up by this combination computer desk and bookshelf system. The keyboard slots back under the desktop surface and the chair slides in turn slides under the desk. Overhead, the shelves are non-obtrusive and, if anything, they help to shape space around them to make this miniature office feel more like a comfortable and enclosed interior space.

Here’s what Miso Soup Design has to say about its “K Workstation.”

“K Workstation incorporates Bamboo laminated plywood for creating efficient space managing working space. The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation could be manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet it could be configured with multiple possibilities. The bamboo, rapidly renewable material, brings this working unit sustainability and elegance of curvature.”