The designers at o4i have won awards for all kinds of cutting-edge industrial design, some conceptual and some actual. Based on a thoughtful analysis of actual work patterns this desk design idea takes into account real-life uses of spaces and furniture, arriving at a solution that is both logical and highly creative.
This so-called Office Singularity is based on the idea that there are three ways in which we work, relax and interact within or office areas – social/interactive, functional/focused and casual/private. We meet, present, socialize and collaborate while standing up on one side of desk, sit and prepare, produce, work alone at another and summarize, synthesize, chat and contemplate lying back at the third.
While (or perhaps because) this design is so simple, singular and elegant one still has to wonder whether they have gotten the problem right – despite the incredibly elegant solution. Are these really all things we can, do and want to do in one space or using the same piece of furniture? Perhaps this design would work for some work environments but not others?

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