Everyone can use more storage space – shelves for books, nooks and crannies for the odds and ends that never seem to stop accumulating. But what do you do when you run out of walls, corners and closets to stick your stuff in? One thing that is rarely flexible in our daily living is the volume in which we live. What is the solution These corner hideaway shelves are one rather simple and elegant answer to this ever-present interior design problem.


Probably their single best feature is these shelves’ capacity to take over and make use of one of the least-used spaces in a home – the upper corners of each room. Walls often have light fixtures or shelves or doors in the way but corners rarely get any use at all. Moreover, the design solution itself is subtle but compelling – it adds new lines, shapes and angles that soften a room and draw attention to a new design element without calling too much attention to themselves or conflicting with other geometric and aesthetic features.