Maximalist design seems to be making a triumphant return to the design world lately, with industry all-stars and social media influencers alike embracing and celebrating the stuff in their spaces. Whether it’s with intentionally messy cluttercore, feel all the feels emotional decor, a coastal grandma meets English tea room mashup, or even a retro-futuristic combo of disco ball diva and dystopian dilettante, everyone who’s anyone is getting on board with bigger, brighter, more eye-popping designs that don’t fit the minimalist mold.

This colorful Ho Chi Minh City apartment is the perfect example of how the maximalist madness is taking over homes IRL, not just in design mags and social media feeds. Dubbed the “Dreamscape” apartment and designed by the Saigon-based Red5Studio, the space is a colorful ode to space-age design that perfectly encapsulates the swervy-curvy, topsy-turvy, vividly playful vibes taking the design world by storm.

Home to a couple who makes their living in the art world, the Dreamscape Apartment was created to provide inspiration while also evoking a welcoming, homey environment. With a focus on curvy lines and soft edges as opposed to the hard, straight lines and sharp angles so commonly seen in minimalist decor, the home feels like a retro retreat — one bursting with skittle-worthy colors that pop against its white-walled palette.

The middle of the apartment is dominated by a burnt orange sofa that looks straight out of a (comfy) spaceship — but that’s not all. A swirly, partially enclosed blue-walled “cave” faces the space-age sofa and houses DJ equipment for entertaining guests. The room itself is open, airy, and full of light, highlighting the many pops of riotous color that draw the eye — a flower power rug here, a globe light fixture there, the perfect balance of kitsch and low-key elegance.

The open plan main room flows purposefully into a dining room that’s by far the most understated space in the apartment. Dominated by a clear resin table that catches the light and swirls with delicate ripples, the effect is subdued yet magical. You can even spot a touch of whimsy in the accompanying black and green chairs, and the matching green kitchen counter behind them.

The bedroom continues the space’s study in bright, shapely furnishings with a gold upholstered bed complete with zebra-patterned bedding and super groovy light fixtures.The curved doorway and mirrored room divider are straight out of the 1988 Geena Davis classic Earth Girls are Easy — think a “futuristic” 1950s design aesthetic seen though the lens of over-the-top 1980s glam.

Despite its excesses, the Dreamscape apartment is still quite livable. Its rainbow-hued grooviness is perfectly complemented by its soft edges and muted, swirling aesthetics. It’s nighttime neon and DJ cave make it the perfect place for a party. A scintillating blend of futuristic funk and retro vibes, this Ho Chi Minh City apartment is the epitome of multidimensional maximalism — and the height of “good vibes only” style.