Wall mirror digital with iPod Dock

Listening to music while getting ready for the day is an easy way to make the whole experience go faster. This unassuming wall mirror by Digital Habitat(s) integrates the music-enjoying experience into the routine of preparing for whatever awaits you when you live the house.

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Wall mirror digital with iPod Dock in use

For everyday use, “The Open Mirror” is oval-shaped with a slight break near the bottom. This break is actually a sliding joint that allows the bottom portion of the mirror to slide to the side, revealing an iPod dock.

Once your iPod is docked and keeping you entertained, you can control the music with just hand gestures. Even if your hands are wet or full, you can switch tracks or change the volume.

Wall mirror digital with iPod Dock musical feature

As an open-source design, plans for the Open Mirror are available for download. If you are inclined – and if you have the skills – the iPod dock/mirror can be constructed at home from a kit.

More from the designers

“Open Mirror is an oval-shaped mirror providing a different way of listening to music and new sensations of light, sound and gestures. The hidden secret of Open Mirror is represented by an advanced gestural interface with sensors that detect the movements of the hand and allow controlling your music without touching the phone. Slide the mirror open to reveal a docking station and a light illuminating the area where sensors are active.”

Wall mirror digital with iPod Dock opening

About Digital Habits

“The design approach of Digital Habits – a company formed by the unrestricted enlightened minds of Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi – takes a new angle to look at products, connecting with them and developing new habits. The creations of Digital Habits are not simply products or graphic interfaces; they are experiences resulting from the contamination of electronics, technology, traditional design and physical computing. The new paradigms of this exploration of the future are open source design, digital manufacturing and natural interfaces.”