desk lamp with removable lights

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Getting up in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit or a snack attack can be a dangerous undertaking. Walking around in the dark is just asking for a stubbed toe, but nightlights are hardly a fashionable home accessory. The Pod lamp is a slick substitute for those ugly plug-in illuminators.

pod table lamp

Pod, designed by Ashleigh Stephens, consists of a central wooden pole with three small wooden branches. The pole clamps onto any surface, such as a desk or tabletop. Two small (presumably battery-powered) “pod” lights hang on the small branches with leather straps.

removable lights lamp

When you need some portable light, you can simply grab one of the small lights to take along with you. The palm-sized lights illuminate your path in the night, eliminating painful stubbed toes and letting you get back to sleep sooner.