edgecliff medical centre

The Edgecliff Medical Centre for Autistic Children in Sydney, Australia received a soft, modern makeover courtesy of Enter Architecture. Keeping in mind the needs of not only the staff, but of the special patients as well, the architects designed an interior that is bright, inviting, safe, and visually interesting.

digitally fabricated interior

The flowing shapes and soft, rounded edges are not merely an aesthetic decision. Corners were kept out of the equation to prevent children from running into sharp edges and getting hurt. The space was kept wide open with few visual obstructions so that parents could keep an eye on their kids with no moments of temporary panic if one ducked behind a heavy piece of furniture.

soft furnishings and play areas

Soft furnishings add to the safe, comfortable environment. Kids can flop down on cushy beanbag chairs or climb into sculptural plastic seats. Bright toys and rugs, along with the light beaming out from behind the digitally fabricated curved architectural elements, provide gentle visual stimulation for the young patients.

geometric shapes and lighting

The calming powers of light and color were put to work subtly, but with a wonderful effect. A neutral color pallette was used for most of the small space, with one bold orange accent wall. The overall effect is one of serenity and safety – perfect for the very special children who visit the site regularly.