The wildly popular “smokeless” Solo Stove is now available in a miniature version for backyard fun and backpacking trips. The Mesa Tabletop fire pit stands a mere 6.8-inches high with a 5.1-inch diameter and weighs just 1.4 pounds, making it easily portable to any location.

“Mesa lights easily and with its smaller size, fits any outdoor space,” explains Solo Stove’s Clint Mickle. “Creating good moments has never been easier, and we’re thrilled to see new and existing customers gathered around this ingenious, low-smoke tabletop fire pit.”

The Mesa relies on the same dual-wall Signature 360° Airflow design as its larger Bonfire predecessors to create a smoke-free fire experience. Air comes in through holes at the base of the outer wall and vents through holes at the top of the inner wall. While the fire is burning, air between the layers heats up, expanding up and out as it sucks fresh air in from below. The exiting air — now super-heated and oxygen-rich — ignites any smoke particles it touches, eliminating the annoying fire by-product.

The Mesa can be fueled by conventional hardwood (Solo Stove sells their own Mini Oak Firewood packs, perfectly sized for the smaller basin) or with bagged wood pellets (a special pellet adapter is also included in the purchase). It lights up quickly with the help of a Solo Stove fire starter, producing hot fire in just a few minutes. Reviewers say the heat is sufficient for about “four people seated in marshmallow-roasting range.”

To keep the heat from burning any plastic or wood surfaces, the Mesa also comes with a handy one-inch stand that easily folds up and fits inside of the fire pit when not in use. Solo Stove also throws in a durable nylon carry case for “compact storage and ultra-portability.”

Unlike the standard Solo Stove Bonfire, which only comes in a stainless steel finish, the petite Mesa fire pit can be ordered in one of six “seasonal” colors: Deep Ash, Mulberry, Bone, Water, Ash, and traditional Stainless Steel. The color options definitely make it a more attractive accessory for backyard parties, and thanks to the Mesa’s high-heat ceramic coating, less likely to rust over time.

Solo Stoves are solidly constructed from SAE 304 stainless steel, known to be highly durable and super lightweight. The company guarantees all their products with a lifetime warranty, promising to replace any defective unit.

Not only would the ultra-light Mesa be helpful on a hike or in the backyard, but it’s also a smart solution for city-dwellers who want to bring a bit of the outdoor experience into their urban jungle. The petite fire pit could easily fuel a smores-roasting party on an apartment balcony, roof, or patio. Of course, it is only designed for outdoor use. Even though this version is portable, you should avoid trying to bring the bonfire fun inside.

The Solo Stove Mesa tabletop fire pit is available on the company website with a price tag of $79.99 for the stainless-steel edition and $89.99 for the colored options.