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The Terrestrial Shrub Rover was inspired by the manned lunar vehicles designed by NASA. While the latter are meant to help humans colonize the surface of the moon, the former was created with far more local aspirations. This portable piece of greenery has a parallel-but-different mission right here on our own planet, as it “presents the opportunity to explore terrestrial and social environments back on Earth from within a manned, foliage bedecked, solar electric powered rover.

Consider the far-reaching possibilities of this piece, usable for anything from camouflaged hunting cabin-on-wheels (that can actually chase game!) to suburb-oriented homeless shelters that fit in perfectly with the well-groomed shrubbery of a conventional cul de sac. A small camera is the hidden secret to driving this offbeat, plant-bedecked box that lacks an otherwise-vital windshield.

Justin Shull – creator of the Porta Park and Hedge Trailer- is no newcomer to the world of living green on the road via mobile plant life, but as camouflaged ‘green cars’ go this may be his best work yet. It bridges the gap between suburban style and urban mobility in a unique and hilarious way. After all, it can be hard to hide in the suburbs compared to the streets of a big city – but driving around in one of these would make you fit into the scenery far more easily.

For being something so close to a complete farce, this relatively irrational idea manages to touch on hot-button issues of modular living, mobile homes, green design, eco vehicles and throws in a healthy dash of the absurd to bring it all together. Who knows, it is so silly it just might sell – should it ever go into mass-production.