Living off the grid has never been so sleek, stylish, luxurious or lavish – yes, this is a mobile ‘power house’ in more ways than one. Sure, it may be too small a space for use as full-time home, but has huge potential as a solar-powered lounge space, outdoor office pod or temporary camping structure – a place to ‘unplug’ both psychologically and physically now and then from the network of daily life.

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Going without grid power permanently is a difficult step to make for many, making this visionary design by A&V a kind of practical stop-gap solution or stepping-stone idea for getting a bit further away from day-to-day reliance on non-renewable sources of energy.

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Following a growing trend of similarly space-age-looking structures, this is not an over-designed abode. It is engineered to be flexible and suit a variety of purposes both immediately after being purchased and for future life cycles (or even generations) of use.

mercuryhouseone futuristic interior
mercuryhouseone inside

We have to face it: prefabrication, modular production, and all-around environmentally-friendly architecture has become a fad – ‘going green’ has become cool. Rather than look on that as a negative, though, it is worth considering the value of creating buildings like these – sure, it is a luxury item, but is made of sustainable materials and generates its own energy.

“‘MercuryHouseOne’ is a habitable unit designed as a mobile lounge, integrating functional and aesthetical considerations. While respecting ecological issues, it is designed to fit both in a natural or urban environment. The exterior shell is made from the finest Carrara marble. The marble is backlit at night, enhancing the form and creating special attention for evening events. The interior can be set up in a variety of configurations to accommodate different uses.”

mercuryhouseone solar pod

“MercuryHouseOne by Architecture and Vision will be presented on September 2, 2009, during the 53rd Art Exhibition, Biennale of Venice, on San Servolo island. MercuryHouseOne is a mobile lounge designed for a modern experience of our natural and urban environments. Drawing inspiration from nature, its shape recalls the beauty and perfection of a water drop. The advanced cabin is realized by the Italian company GVM of Gualtiero Vanelli in Carrara.”