Living off the grid has never been so sleek, stylish, luxurious or lavish – yes, this is a mobile ‘power house’ in more ways than one. Sure, it may be too small a space for use as full-time home, but has huge potential as a solar-powered lounge space, outdoor office pod or temporary camping structure – a place to ‘unplug’ both psychologically and physically now and then from the network of daily life.

Going without grid power permanently is a difficult step to make for many, making this visionary design by A&V a kind of practical stop-gap solution or stepping-stone idea for getting a bit further away from day-to-day reliance on non-renewable sources of energy.

Following a growing trend of similarly space-age-looking structures, this is not an over-designed abode. It is engineered to be flexible and suit a variety of purposes both immediately after being purchased and for future life cycles (or even generations) of use.

We have to face it: prefabrication, modular production, and all-around environmentally-friendly architecture has become a fad – ‘going green’ has become cool. Rather than look on that as a negative, though, it is worth considering the value of creating buildings like these – sure, it is a luxury item, but is made of sustainable materials and generates its own energy.