They say a stitch in time saves nine … so what does a stitch in space do for you? These hand-crafted quilt maps mark out cities, neighborhoods, parks and even the sky in a way you can feel, touch or even wrap yourself inside, providing aid to the visually impaired and a perfect urban companion for everyday picnic goers.

Designed by Brooklyn’s Haptic Lab, each can be personalized and customized with names and dates as well as key locations and territories marked out on a particular regional cloth, combining objective and subjective maps of spaces and places.

From warming wraps for the Windy City to quilts covering Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, New York and Paris, the designs vary in size as well as usage. Some are made to be queen-or-king-sized covers, others baby blankets, and still others hanging tapestries.

Each, of course, can double as a cute play surface for children with building blocks or other tiny toys (turned giant-sized on the miniature-by-comparison city blocks, streets and parks). The off-the-shelf pieces are made mostly from 100% cotton and select wool blends, and come with a variety of color choices for background fabrics, string and yarn. The constellation quilt is especially gorgeous, isn’t it?

“Haptic Lab’s mission is to craft products that create meaningful, positive connections between people and planet.”

“In support of our mission, we design heirloom products that are responsibly sourced via small artisan vendors and factories. We prioritize long-term relationships with our vendors and seek to have regular ordering cycles that artisans can depend on. We strive to conduct all our business relationships from a perspective of mutual respect and equity. We seek to minimize our environmental impacts whenever possible, and work with our partners to reduce the use of plastics and unnecessary waste. We aim to use organic, recycled or low-impact materials in our products and design with the future in mind: every quilt we make should be used for generations. We support local and small businesses in our operational purchases whenever possible, in particular MWBE certified businesses that work in underserved communities such as our own neighborhood, Bedford-Stuyvesant.”