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Curling up with a huggable cuddle buddy can be the best way to melt away the stresses of the day. When you don’t have a cuddle buddy available, though, the OOH OOH lounger from designer Karson Shadley – in cooperation with design collaborative Lift and Lucid Design – is a fantastic substitute.

gorilla lounge furniture

OOH OOH is shaped like a big, friendly, upholstered gorilla. It’s cute enough as it is, but take it apart and it turns into a suite of lounging pieces that can fill your entire living room with comfy places to rest.

transforming gorilla lounge furniture

The gorilla’s head comes off to become a rug with a built-in cushion for reclining on the floor. The arms come together to create a low, soft bench. The big upholstered body turns over to change into a chaise lounge. The unusual transforming gorilla is a conversation piece whether it’s assembled or has gone to pieces in the living room.