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This geometric mesh lounger looks like a hefty piece of sculpture, but it took just 2.5 liters of material and very little energy to produce, and weighs a mere 5.5 pounds. Designer Janne Kyattanen created ‘Sofa, So Good’ in a single print on a large-format 3D printer called the ProX 950.

sofa so good 2

It took 6,000 layers of copper and chrome – each just .0099 centimeters thick – to build the lounger, which is the largest and most complex object ever created on this particular 3D printer. It’s incredibly light, but can support a person weighing up to 220 pounds.

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“My exploration of optimized structures has been inspired by the anatomy of silkworm cocoons and spider webs. How can these kinds of geometries be applied to save material used in production and construction? If we are able to apply these principles of structure optimization to manufacturing, transport costs will be marginal, energy consumption will be significantly less – there is a whole range of benefits in our future that we can’t even fathom today.”

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The capabilities of 3D printing seem to get more impressive by the day. A large-scale printer called the BigRep produces plastic furniture, and a Chinese company built an entire 12,000 square foot luxury mansion with an enormous 3D printer using ‘ink’ made of recycled building materials like stone, cement and fiber.