luxury stone bathtubs 2

There is something elemental about stepping barefoot on stone – and natural about taking a bath in a solid, smooth-curved earthen tub made of this basic substance either at an open-environment, rock-surrounded hot spring or in an at-home, free-standing bathing basin. But there is more than easy luxury beneath the surface of these outwardly simple stone tubs.

luxury stone bathtubs

From small and wide to deep and tall, these bathtubs from Vaselli may require a good deal of space … but for those who like to take long, relaxing, meditative and luxurious dips they seem at first worthy of sacrificing a bit of spare square footage for.

luxury stone bathtubs 1

But what is really for sale here? Close inspection reveals that the experience of these baths and feel of their surrounding spaces is tied to more than merely the deceptively smooth and largely free-standing quarried-and-cut stone tubs themselves.

luxury stone deep bathtubs

Surrounding hardwood or stone floor and wall planks and tiles, stone basins and other natural decor as well as less visible elements (such as the overall amount and type lighting) are also key parts of these designer bathrooms as shown in the ideal settings represented within these pictures.

luxury stone bathtub interiors

The lesson in all of this? If you are planning to recreate the full experience of a miniature spa setting in your own home, you might need to look beyond simply buying a luxury stone bathtub and at the larger interior design picture.