The Sno-Go Ski Bike is a fun hybrid that can handle powder, bumps, tree trails, and all kinds of other obstacles. The inventors say it’s easy enough to ride, too. “We are blurring the boundaries of skiing and downhill mountain biking,” they explain. “You get the benefit of feeling planted and secure without having to worry about catching an edge or being strapped to bulky equipment,” they add, stressing the freedom and exhilaration of hurtling down the slopes.

Sno-Go Ski Bike

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That “feeling planted” sensation is the result of the Sno-Go’s unusual three-ski design. The ski bike uses S.L.A.T., or Synchronized Lateral Articulating Technology, to give you stability and maximum control, and its 13 pivot points let you turn on a dime simply by steering and pushing down on the handlebars.

Want to tackle a bump or jump? Simply pull back on the handlebars to lift the front of the Sno-Go. Stopping — yes, that’s important! — is easy enough, too. Just lean your weight over to one side and cut into the snow, as you would if you were skiing.

Sno-Go Ski Bike

The company used a similarly intuitive mix of skiing, biking, and snowboarding techniques when designing the Sno-Go to make the mountains more accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

The Sno-Go was built using 6061 aircraft-quality heat-treated aluminum alloy, so you know it’ll be durable no matter what terrain you throw at it, and you don’t need to worry too much about rust, because all of its hardware is stainless steel. It’s obvious that no detail has been overlooked in the design process. “From the Rock Shox front suspension to the all-mountain wood core twin tip skis, every inch of the bike has been drilled down to a science for making the ride smooth and controlled,” the company says.

The Sno-Go team recommends that users wear sturdy boots with plenty of support and thick rubber soles when riding to keep their feet safe, comfortable, and toasty in the foot grips. Snowboarding boots will do the trick, if you have them.

If you’re wondering how you’ll get the Sno-Go to the top of the mountain, don’t worry. There’s a chair-lift hook on it, so you and the bike can ride up easily and safely, arriving in position and ready to hit the snow. And after you’ve enjoyed your last run of the day, you’ll be thankful for the bike’s quick-release system, which makes it easy to break down for storage.

The Sno-Go ran a successful crowdfunding campaign and is on track to start shipping in January, just in time for prime snow conditions. We predict a sharp rise in anxious weather forecast watching, with many people fervently hoping for snow days in the months to come.

Sno-Go Ski Bike

The company says that currently, more than 200 ski resorts in North America allow ski-bikes, and that number is only going up. It advises that customers check with their favorite ones before taking the plunge and investing in a Sno-Go.