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Ever walk by and wonder what it would (or will) it  be like to occupy a structure slated for construction on an empty lot, before it is built? Sure, architects and developers often post pretty pictures, but those are more art than reality.

Maider Lopez takes straight to the streets to show you a glimpse of the future, hi house previews painted on parking lots and urban plots in the form of architectural plans.

Suddenly, the whole dynamic changes between built and unbuilt housing, passerby and participant, as people are able to walk through yet-un-constructed buildings and imagine them at actual size down to details like doors, windows, sinks and toilets.

White lines highlight walls and other physical objects or barriers, while black represents private (mainly indoor) spaces and gray is used to depict outdoor areas – from close up or distance, this strategy definitely sparks the imagination, fosters interaction and invites collaborative critiques.