Birdwatching is elevated to a whole new level with the Bird Photo Booth system. No more shivering in the cold, pulling your jacket tighter around you in the wind, trying to clear fog from your binoculars to spot your feathered friends in the treetops.

The Bird Photo Booth can be set up right at home. Hot chocolate and marshmallows while you watch? Check. Soothing music in the background as you gaze outside? Check. Warm hands and feet? Check and check.

bird close-up

Bryson Lovett loves watching wildlife, and he was determined to share that passion with other people. The Bird Photo Booth was his solution, as he wanted to make “the art of bird and nature photography better, easier and more affordable,” he says. He claims it’s “the world’s first bird feeder and wireless 4k motion-activated bird cam combination.”

As you can see by these photos, the birds aren’t shy about posing — and Lovett’s team even caught an inquisitive squirrel sneaking in for a portrait, courtesy of their GoPro.

There are two ways to use the Bird Photo Booth: You can use the company’s 4k Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Bird Cam, which is specifically designed for the 2.0 weatherproof enclosure. Or, put your smartphone or GoPro inside and control it with the included Bluetooth remote. Both ways are easy to set up. Just choose a well-lit spot that’s near your window and also a tree or bush where the birds can shelter. You can use a tripod, hang it, wall-mount it, window-mount it or even stick it on the ground. The waterproof system will keep your camera safe. You’ll get the best photos if you make sure you have enough light and also point the camera so it has a background of trees or bushes that fills the frame.

bird photo streamingbluetooth remote


Now, how do you show that your booth is open for business? Scatter a little bird seed around it to get their attention the first day, then sit back and wait for your avian adventures to begin.

“To attract birds faster use nuts and sunflower seeds and avoid cheap mixed seed,” the company suggests, adding that black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and nyger seed are bird favorites. “If you really want to get birds’ attention use nuts! Like almonds or even cashews” (those would get our attention, too).

bird eating nuts

Different seeds attract different birds, so you’ll need to experiment. Adding a bowl of water will attract visitors too, especially in the winter, when outdoor water’s often frozen over.

As for the type of photos you aim for, that’s up to you. “Bird Photo Booth’s sliding platform feeder is designed for capturing candid portraits of individual birds only,” says the company. “To get group shots, or to attract different species, simply hang tube-style bird feeders or sock bird feeders onto the overhead perch platform.”

hummingbird close-up

And of course, since the whole shebang is controlled wirelessly, you can watch the birds from wherever you are. It could be a great way to introduce children to birds and photography, or you could just relax and marvel at the wonders of nature on your doorstep.