posturaroma mugging prevention necklace

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Traditional methods of warding off muggers – pepper spray, self-defense classes, whistles – work well, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s the concept behind this bizarre neck accessory. It encourages women to improve their posture and walk with their heads up, habits that have been shown to keep muggers away.

The idea is that if a woman walks hunched over or with her head down, a mugger will take that body language as a sign of weakness. Some studies suggest that walking with more confidence can keep women safe, and the PosturAroma necklace, designed by a group of University of Amsterdam students, works on that principle. The weird furry necklace has an accelerometer on the back near its clasp. The necklace can sense when the wearer is hunching or walking with her head down, and corrects the posture with a spritz of aroma.

anti-mugging necklace


The small burst not only makes the wearer aware of her posture; it also signals the brain to feel more confident by using aromas associated with a feeling of security: strawberries, lemongrass, or mandarin peel. The design is a concept at this point, but it’s still a great reminder that the way we – women and men – carry ourselves has a lot to do with how the world perceives us: weak and easily picked on, or strong, confident, and definitely not a future victim.