You won’t find any stickers reading ‘fragile’ on this breakable concrete lamp – in fact, it comes with a rock so you can smash it yourself. The “/” Lamp by Bucharest designer Dragos Motica makes the act of destruction a part of the intended aesthetic, enabling you to customize the lamp with cracks and holes as much or as little as you like.

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slash concrete lamp kit

The lamp consists of a concrete shell around wire mesh, attached to a cork base with a vintage-style rope cord wound around a spool. Along with these components in a cardboard tube reading simply “/ LAMP” is a rock just the right size to hold in your fist.

concrete lamp hanging
concrete lamp from below

The more you smash away, the more illumination the lamp gives off. According to Motica, the “/” Lamp “gives the user the chance of choice – a subjective and personal choice.”

The funny thing is, when this design hit the internet, a lot of outlets reported the name as “Smash Lamp” instead of “Slash Lamp.” But as you can see, the incorrect name is actually more descriptive.

Here’s the designer’s take on the piece:

“When is an object designed? When is an object precious, particular? What is broken and what is new? What means the result of a mechanical intervention (more or less violent) on an object? What is an vulgarized object? “/” Lamp is an object that gives the user the chance of choice. A subjective and personal choice. It is an object at the middle of two opposite states. The process of intervention or non-intervention places the object inside one of them. The materials used for building this lamp were inspired by the industrial facilities, by the construction sites: concrete, reinforcing wire, rope climbing, spool for high voltage wires.”

Concrete lamp in box

About the designer:

“Founded in 2008, Dragos Motica Studio it’s a multidisciplinary studio based in Bucharest. Working within the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design, the studio combines projects ranging from limited editions experimental works to serial products.
The studio was awarded A’ Design Award Gold Medal, for the well known now “/” Lamp, and other several times by the Romanian Association of Furniture Manufacturers for other furniture products. The Studio’s projects featured in several publications, both online and offline, from 6 continents.”