Slash Lamp 1

You won’t find any stickers reading ‘fragile’ on this breakable concrete lamp – in fact, it comes with a rock so you can smash it yourself. The “/” Lamp by Bucharest designer Dragos Motica makes the act of destruction a part of the intended aesthetic, enabling you to customize the lamp with cracks and holes as much or as little as you like.

Slash Lamp 2

Slash Lamp 3

The lamp consists of a concrete shell around wire mesh, attached to a cork base with a vintage-style rope cord wound around a spool. Along with these components in a cardboard tube reading simply “/ LAMP” is a rock just the right size to hold in your fist.

Slash Lamp 4

Slash Lamp 5

The more you smash away, the more illumination the lamp gives off. According to Motica, the “/” Lamp “gives the user the chance of choice – a subjective and personal choice.”