manolo 1

Sometimes the best solutions are truly the simplest ones, using time-honored techniques and basic materials in novel ways. Reminiscent of classic Shaker peg systems, this wall-mounted panel by Ilario Branca can hang and display all sorts of items simply by wedging a few add-ons between the 64 nobs to create virtually endless customizable storage options.

manolo 3

manolo 2

Manolo comes in your choice of white, green, yellow or brown, in square or rectangular shapes. Slide in a long shelf, a short one, or a hanger to organize and display clothing, accessories, books, gadgets or whatever else you have laying around.

manolo 4

The ability to set it up any way you want means it can be a bookshelf, a bathroom organizer, a handy addition to your closet or even a space-saving bedside table. It’s made sustainably in Italy and available at Formabilio.