tiny apartment 1

At just 140 square feet, this entire apartment in Poland is smaller than a lot of bedrooms in average-sized houses. As space grows scarce in cities around the world, urban residents are making the most of increasingly tiny living spaces, and that often requires various hacks, tricks and ingenious inventions to keep from feeling like you’re sleeping in a cluttered closet.

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Sometimes that means creating a room-within-a-room, filling the space with built-in storage on virtually every surface or employing all sorts of transforming furnishings that can be stowed away when not in use. This particular solution by Polish designer Szymon Hanczar takes a more minimalist approach with careful furniture selection and a sleeping loft built over the kitchen.

tiny apartment 4

tiny apartment 9

Beneath that loft is not just the kitchenette but also a tiny wet room (the whole bathroom functioning as a shower stall) and a storage closet that hides a washing machine, a luxury you won’t find in many similarly-sized spaces.

tiny apartment 5


tiny apartment 6

You’d still have to vastly cut down on your possessions to comfortably live here, but the coolest thing about this particular micro apartment design is it’s achievable on a budget. The loft, wardrobe and compact kitchen layout are the most essential parts, freeing up the rest of the room for actual furniture.

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The choice of a hammock for seating is a smart one, too. Not only is it a fun and cozy place to lounge when you don’t want to be in the loft, it’s visually and physically lightweight, and can be taken down when you need to use that space for another activity.