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If you’re an absent cook, throwing something frozen into the microwave or letting a crockpot do most of the work for you might seem like a wonder of the modern world. Maybe you just don’t have time to deal with menus and food preparation, or maybe you’re just a terrible cook. Either way, new technologies like the NUKE smart cooker could make your life even easier, with fresher, tastier, fully customized meals that are expertly and safely prepared while you’re out living your life.

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NUKE is a concept by Savannah College of Art and Design student Talia Brigneti that pairs an integrated pot system with a smart phone app that gives you total control over an almost completely automated process. Fill out a profile with your family size, food preferences, diet restrictions and other pertinent info, and the app will serve up tailor-made recipes and ingredient lists.

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The color-coded pot system makes it easy to follow the instructions shown on the app, so you know which ingredients to put in each container, going beyond the one-pot limitations of a slow cooker. Once the ingredients are in, you set the time you want the meal to be ready, and let the system work its magic.

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But the control offered by the smartphone app goes beyond just discovering recipes. You can use the app to monitor and control the cooking processes of each pot, easing the anxiety that can go along with leaving electrical appliances plugged in while you’re out of the house. And if you don’t want to bother with the smart phone aspect of it, you can use the pots on their own. It may require a bit more planning ahead than a frostbitten TV dinner, but it’s bound to taste better.

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“This concept was born in a group project from an Industrial Design class where the product was designed,” says Talia Brigneti. “I decided to push the concept further on my own and developed the UX side of it by developing wireframes, carrying user testing and finally executing the visual design.”