Finding extra space in any home can be a challenge, but finding space for a home office seems to be especially confounding. If you have a spare closet (like the cluttered mess above) and a free weekend, you may have an office waiting to happen. According to this how-to at Country Living, transforming a closet into a beautiful workspace is as simple as wallpapering, painting, and installing a few simple key components. The most complex part of the transformation is the desk, constructed of two filing cabinets and a pre-made melamine desktop.

While this particular aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, the ideas presented in this transformation are extremely adaptable to any taste. Making use of the depth of the closet as well as the space on the inside of the doors, the tiny office offers nearly as much storage space as the standard cubicle-size workspace. Changing up the wallpaper, paint colors and accessories to match the rest of your home and your personal tastes, you can make a small closet into a home office that you might not mind working in.