In the tiniest of homes, where there is not even enough room for a table at which to sit down and eat meals, furniture that serves double duty is invaluable. This mobile dining unit from designer Nobuhiro Teshima serves as a storage cabinet most of the time, but transforms like magic into a table.

The cabinet itself is perfect for storing dishes and glassware for mealtime. The dining table that hides away in the cabinet cleverly folds like an accordion into the cabinet’s bottom chamber. Pulling on the table and straightening the legs yields a surprisingly large dining surface.

The low table seats eight people in the traditional Japanese style, with all diners sitting on the floor. The height is also adjustable, allowing the table to be used as a gaming table when needed.

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Included on the bottom of the cabinet are wheels that allow the entire piece to move wherever it’s needed. The table and its storage cabinet, then, can be moved to the dining room for meal time or stashed in a corner when more floor space is required.