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The moving part of this remarkable sliding building is a whopping 50 tons and nearly 100 feet long. Gliding on rails, this enclosing exterior element with its own walls, roof and opening can be adjusted to selectively reveal and conceal spaces within the home. The changes also bring natural lighting shifts, view opportunities and alters the feel of each interior space – a static structure but at the same time a semi-portable home experience.


While this may look and seem modern up close, it reflects the vernacular timber architecture of the region and is relatively simple in form when seen from a distance – until the extra element slides back to reveal a sparkling greenhouse of light at night. The result: something that fits its context but also pushes the envelope on architectural design and technology.


>Underneath, there are independent forms for various functions, but the mobile part of the structure bridges the gaps – effectively connecting all of the sub-structures under a single roof, literally and proverbially. The method of movement is hidden within its walls. The relatively silent motors add the the discretion with which this behemoth shifts its weight.