A small apartment in Madrid that offered very little space for multiple functions is transformed with the addition of a series of sliding chipboard units containing the kitchen, bedroom and storage. The units can be pushed together into a single volume or divided to create one or more rooms within the available space.

‘All I Own House’ by PKMN Architectures modifies the client’s apartment, which formerly belonged to her grandmother, to make the space far more versatile than it has ever been without sacrificing the large open space adjacent to the new built-in cabinetry.

It takes just minutes to change that space from a bedroom to a kitchen, living room or study, with the dividers placed on industrial sliding rails. A dining/work table and the bed both fold down from their respective cabinets.

Each unit offers plenty of storage for items like books, clothes, linens and tableware, which can be hidden away to reduce clutter. The chosen material, oriented strand board (OSB), makes the project highly affordable while also adding some texture and warmth to the room.

The project was created for a woman named Yolanda. The architects describe how they came to this design for her:

“Yolanda moves to the house that formerly belonged to her grandmother, it is located on a small housing community in the North of Madrid. It is a single storey house, rather small, but it has an enormous garden in the backyard. Yolanda is, among many other things, ERREPILA [Design Studio for enterprising and courageous people].”

“All I Own House materialises the interior of Yolanda’s house through her personal belongings. But these objects, such as Yolanda, would never stand still, they move around with her, accompanying her way through the day; early in the morning all the books wake up and place themselves together with all the clothing stuff, bed disappears and, just as Yolanda is having a coffee, books and clothes move fast approaching the kitchen area in order to make room for shower. Around mid-morning Yolanda has an appointment with a client; all the crockery, carefully tidy, starts to put itself close to the kitchen, nearby all the cutlery and the rest of the cookware. Books are now showing off, very proud, the big round blackboard is now getting ready for the meeting…”

All I Own House bathroom

“Through a carefully made design, totally custom-made, and the combination of carpentry and the use of quite a simple industrial railing system, all the server space in the house is arranged through three wooden, suspended, mobile and transformable containers. This server space can be totally re arranged in just a few seconds, thus allowing, in a variety of combinations with served space, to adapt the whole house according to specific needs for the use of space at the time, enabling infinite homes within a house.”