pulkabacken house

Remember how much fun sledding was as a kid? Or maybe you don’t need to look that far back – maybe you still partake in the ultimate wintertime recreation. We think everyone can agree that the Pulkabacken House by Street Monkey Architects is the perfect home for sledding enthusiasts of all ages.

house with built in sledding hill

sledding hill house

The house, located in Värmdö, Sweden, has a sledding ramp built right into one of its sides. That side of the house happens to back up to a steep slope, and the ramp forms a physical and visual connection between the house and the landscape.

passive house design pulkabacken house


To one side of the ramp is a set of stairs that takes you up from the bottom of the ramp to the rooftop terrace which overlooks the nearby sea. The terrace is the perfect place for a party with cups of hot cocoa (or hot buttered rum for the grown-ups).


sledding hill ramp house

The Pulkabacken House was built with passive house principles in mind to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible. The floor-to-ceiling windows, roomy interior and fort-like presence of the home complement its playful side very well. We’re waiting for our invitation to a rooftop sledding party there.